Below are the downloadable Vehicle Registration Forms.

Application for a Certificate of Title (Form #VR-005) can be used for titling a vehicle. 
Application for Maryland Parking Placards/License Plates for Individuals with a Disability (Form #VR-210) is used for individuals with a disability to apply for a parking placard or license plate. You will need to fill out this form, and your physician will need to complete the disability certification portion of the application
Certification for the Issuance of Dump Service License Plates as Provided by the Maryland Vehicle Laws (Form #VR-098) used by customers applying for Dump Truck registration to certify that the vehicle meets all of the requirements under Maryland Law for this type of registration.
Gift Certificate (Form #VR-103) can be used for titling a vehicle if it is to be given as a gift from one family member to another family member. This form must be completed and submitted with the assigned title. If transferring a vehicle from an Aunt or Uncle to a Niece and/or Nephew you will need to have the Certified Statement (Form #VR-299) accompany the Gift Certification form.
Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form #VR-197) can be used by a license dealer in the State of Maryland. Allows the disclosure of a vehicle's odometer mileage from the transferor (seller) to the transferee (buyer). This form should accompany the title transaction.
Taxicab Certification (Form #VR-293) This form is used by the vehicle owner to certify that the vehicle meets all standards to be registered as a taxicab.
Tow Truck Certification (Form #VR-294) is used for customers to certify that all conditions have been met for them to register their vehicle as a Tow Truck.
Power of Attorney (VR-#470)
Business Entity Submission & Business Soundex Form Part 1 (VR-#475)
MVA Bill of Sale ( must be notarized by a Public Notary) - VR-#181
MVA Security Interest Filing Form (VR-#217)
MD Temporary State Inspection Waiver (VR-#129)
Application Form - New Plates/Stickers & Transfer of plates or NonTitle Trailer - (VR-#008)